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Birth Stories and Birth Trauma


I have, since nursing within neonatal units many years ago, been interested in supporting mothers and fathers to feel better resourced through pregnancy, in the aftermath of their baby’s birth and with the challenging experiences of becoming a parent.  Coupled with recently having my own three children and working with in an advisory capacity, I understand how challenging and disempowering the experience of pregnancy and childbirth can be and how little support is available.


Within a session, I offer the opportunity to explore your:


  • conception journey including misscariage stories

  • pregnancy worries and feelings

  • birth story from a physical and emotional perspective 

  • themes of birth trauma including postnatal depression, postnatal PTSD and attachment worries


I aim to listen carefully to what you say and, in response, help you to think about events and themes that emerge through your story. My role is not to advise you, rather to work with you, giving you the support you need to understand your own journey and achieve your own personal goals.



Pregnancy Stories
Explore in a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental space your journey of conception, misscariage or pregnancy and labour worries and fears. 
Birth Stories
Whether this is your first or subsequent baby, it may be that you would like some breathing space to think about your birth and the resulting changes in your life.






Birth Trauma
You may have some specific feelings you would like to explore in relation to events leading up to and including the birth of your baby and following months.
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