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At Inspired we are passionate about supporting children, young people and parents: We aim to realise and maintain 

emotional wellbeing through a variety of mediums.    Be inspired with us...



October 2019
News and updates...

Specialist counselling for children and young people using an integrative approach, including themes of:


  • Solution focused therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Play & Art therapy.








Child and Young Persons Counselling

Parent advice, support and counselling, on a variety of related issues for children from  newborn up to 18 years.


Hosting interest groups on achieving child and family emotional wellbeing. 



Parent Coaching
and Support
Training and Consultation

Tailored packages offered to:


  • Early years providers

  • Schools

  • Other child care settings

Covering areas such as understanding, working with and promotion of emotional wellbeing. 







Inspiredtotalk is developing! Now offering:
 - Personal and Professional coaching.

 - Mediation and discussion groups to enhance team dynamics.
 - Workshops and training on continuous improvement methods and building respect and resilience within the work space.
Talk to us about building a strategy and culture of continuous improvement within your business to build capacity and capability and to enhance your service delivery.
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